Where is paysafecard?

On 01.10.2016 paysafecard decided to change their API to another protocol. This means in non technical words: My shop isn’t able to communicate with the paysafecard servers anymore.

The solution would be that I buy a new plugin for my shop, which is able to communicate again. But there are 3 reasons, why I am highly unsure to implement this:

  • The new plugin is rather expensive and it is an old plugin, which does not fit the newest standard in security.
  • paysafecard demands the highest fees of all payment providers. Until now it was rather a service for my customers, but for me paysafecard is the least liked option.
  • In the recent months there were some transactions, where customers bought a clip and I never saw the money. The company paysafecard simply said “there was no transaction” and the money was lost. To be honest, I find this unreliable and shady.

So, what are your opinions to that topic? I’d like to offer an anonymous way of payment, but the circumstances regarding paysafecard are not that good, to say it in friendly words. Do you have any ideas for a good and trustworthy option?

Then send me a mail, I would appreciate this very much. Thank you!