About me & this site

This journey started in 2005

Beforehand, here are some facts about me. My name is Marco David, I raised near the Netherlands and now I’m living in Cologne for many years. I work as a DJ, quit my job at intensive care some time ago, have many interests and a couple of wonderful people around me.

marco-davidMy passion for girls’ feet started when I was a little child, but I never talked about that. As so many guys, I felt ashamed of it and believed I wasn’t normal at all.
I collected photos of feet which I gathered from printed catalogues and magazines. In the end I found me looking rather at the girls’ feet than at their breasts in real life. This wasn’t bad, but a bit lonely when you have no one you can talk about such a peculiar thing. At least I thought so.

In the later years I began to talk, slowly and carefully. I had a few good female friends who didn’t laugh at me regardless the weirdness of my thoughts, so I got more and more self confident.

Then I had an idea.

Due to the internet, I found more and more people who shared my interests. There were many websites who addressed this fetish, but many of them haven’t been that good. Somewhat half baken, anonymous webmasters, p*rn advertising and much more.

I even ordered some socks at different sites, but I had a strange feeling opening the packages. There was a massive lack of trust, so I threw them away. Besides, they smelled like impregnation as if they weren’t worn at all.

So I thought, if I don’t feel good visiting those sites and if my passion isn’t handled trustworthy, then I should make it better. I like feet, photographing and programming, so I planned a concept for over one year.

header_fpI never wanted any ads to be displayed. The focus should be on the girls. Real girls to which I talk to. And have a friendly relationship with. And no anonymous webmaster. Me, with my face, my quirks and my passion which I love for my life.
On January 18th in 2005 fussphantasie went live.

In the beginning I never considered that this site would be such a success and would get such a reputation it gained over the years. But it did and that’s the greatest gift of all. Millions of visitors, thousands of girls I talked to, hundreds of shootings and clips.

After we celebrated the 10th birthday, I thought it is time to refresh. The old style of fussphantasie was too much text orientated for a photo site. Plus it had a horrible technical fundament which was simply outdated for mobile viewing.

So I took my time to plan and start fresh in 2016, version 2.0 with the beating heart since 2005 <3