The Cinderella Projects


Once upon a time… someone robbed Jana’s and Desiree’s pumps

At first a disclaimer: Please guys, do not steal any shoes from girls on the street! Some time ago there was an article in the local newspaper about a man who took pumps off of random girls on escalators. He was sued and as far as I know, he got also a ticket to the psychiatry.

The thing is, there is this fantasy of a girl who has to walk in public with a pantyhose and one shoe only. Many years ago I got a mail from Chris and he asked me if I can do a short video about his dream. He sent me a storyboard, wanted Desiree as the protagonist and let the rest up to me. So we did this and the project was awesome and hilarious!
“Cinderella and the thief” was born.

At that time my technical equipment was quite limited, all was captured on DV cassettes and I had a large suitcase with a massive battery with me. This was mainly for the wireless microphone and the receiver, but still funny when I compare this to today’s possibilities.

dbbKathrin helped us filming and she appeared also in a short cameo in the video. After all this clip was a great success and Chris was very happy with the result.

Four years later we revived this idea and I did the same content again, but now with Jana and a black pantyhose. The story is the same: A girl does something, a man walks by, steals one of the pumps and runs away. The second clip is called “Cinderella Pumps” and you’ll find it in the archive as well.

In Desi’s case it was really funny, because Desi was sitting at a tram station and a woman saw me stealing the pumps – she couldn’t do anything but look how I was running away :D

I have remastered Desi’s clip because there was only a bad quality .wmv available for download. But still the new clip is only 576p, the maximum resolution for DV cassettes at that time.

Jana’s clip was 720p already, although this was captured on DV cassettes too. Good old times…
I’ve put both clips together in one archive and I’m offering it for a “pay for one – get two” price.

download the videos