Archive Pack: Eva & Rieke


Dreams… are my reality, the only kind of real fantasy

I really don’t know why, but two days ago I dreamt of a strange situation with some girls in a weird place. There was a pair of worn socks which I stole and those socks belonged to Rieke, who was also in that crowd of girls.

wildes-treiben-039Man, I haven’t seen Rieke and Eva for many years now and suddenly they appear in a dream. I can’t get over it, but I had to smile and while still lying in bed I decided to publish the old series. Because they are awesome!

Both, Eva and Rieke, have worked with me for some time in a hospital. I was well known as “that foot guy”, because I did many photo series with my colleagues.
Many of you are afraid of public reactions, especially at work, but I did never make a bad experience with my open mind. This was always a good thing and it was quite “normal” that I got the dirty socks and made photos for the fans.

Maybe this is the only reason why I’m missing my old job in the hospital… :D

Anyway. Eva and Rieke lived together in an appartment and we did several shootings and even a video clip for fussphantasie. Sadly the clip is gone forever, but the photos are still here.

The first seriesĀ is called “Wildes Treiben”, where Eva and Rieke are acting together. This was quite hilarious as both were giggly and pushed themselves higher without any instructions. I simply had to capture, nothing more. This series features Asics, Adidas Samba, Chucks, socks, bare feet and a good part of shoe smelling with both girls.

The second one is “Samba de Janeiro”. Eva with some kind of stiletto sandals, posing on her bed and slipping barefoot into her black Adidas shoes.

In the third series “Mein lieber Scholli” you’ll see Rieke in light blue nylon socks and her wooden Scholl’s clogs. This was outside on the balcony and I remember it was late in the afternoon but still enough light for some good pictures.

The Chucks picture from Rieke was one of my advertising postcards, which I distributed in Clubs and Bars. If I had to name some iconic shootings I’ve done, then these were definitely in my list. Sadly both girls moved and we lost contact over the years. Maybe my dream was a sign? We’ll see.

This Archive Pack contains 3 series with 241 pictures. Enjoy mates!

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