Foreign Socks – Part 12


Finally, a new part of the famous series!

1_2cSome things will never change it seems. It took several weeks to get to the day where Chiara and I managed to meet and go to the old town of Cologne. We made a few appointments, but all plans had to be cancelled – until the very last day of summer!

It was warm outside, sunny at most and we walked around the Rhine river bank and the Dome area. You may know the place very well where we met the 5th girl of this clip: It was under the trees where we have filmed UF Cologne in 2014.

What also didn’t change: I forgot to turn on my lavalier microphone… This is hilarious because I bought a new one and was happy to check out new technology, until I found out that I didn’t start the recording. This is an indicator for me that I simply have to do more videos in the future. It doesn’t make sense to do such a project every second year only.

c+m_1Chiara and I had much fun right from the start. We know us very well and either one can make subtle jokes which the other understands without explaining. This chemistry works very well when approaching people on the street.

In summary the plot was: Give us your old socks and you’ll get new ones.
As easy as it sounds, this gets difficult when a camera is involved. Most of the girls aren’t that comfortable with holding their faces into the lens. There were even girls who would have changed the socks but not on camera. You get the idea.

We had several good and funny conversations. I explained what I did, that I own this website and so on. But in all those years the taboo about feet didn’t change at all.

It was especially interesting for me when I talked to two Syrian girls. I’ve learned some things about their culture which I didn’t know before. I was highly impressed by those girls as they learned the German language in almost no time and were short before their final exams.

And yes, I can read and understand a little bit of Russian, but Google Translate did the trick for me with a group of Ukrainian girls. Chiara told me afterwards that there were elder women in the background who applauded the socks change :D

We’ve collected six pairs of white socks. At the end I convinced Chiara to add her socks to the package too, so there were seven. Years ago it was so difficult to get white socks, now we have only white ones. Amazing!

A huge and warm “Thank you” to all the girls! <3
Even the ones who didn’t give us their socks and aren’t part of this clip. But the moments were funny nevertheless (Hey little girl from Düsseldorf, I’m speaking of you).

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