Lost & Found – Birthday Edition


Let’s celebrate!

socks_011Last year I have missed the chance to celebrate the “legal age” of fussphantasie, it got 18 years old. So today is now the 19th birthday!
Plus, cc-feet is since 2014 online – 10 years of candid shoeplay.

In all these years I’ve seen so many websites closing forever. Sockenmaedchen, World-Of-Feet, Hotfeets, just to name a few. Clips4Sale closed the candid stores and many filmers have asked me how I got my things going.

Just a simple answer: I have rented my own server and run my own backend. I’m completely independent of any other company, that’s why I can do the things how I want them to be. In addition it gives me the chance not to deliver content if I’m unable to – during Covid and during my goddamn health issues for example.

This is a huge bonus and I’m thankful for my younger self that I have never decided to opt-in to subscription models, advertising stuff and so on. I’m just a small single island full of daisies. After all these years I can say that this is a privilege and yes, I’m proud of it. I’m proud that I had a “coming out” 19 years ago. This was a brave step, jumping into unknown water after a long period of planning time.
And I will never forget Jutta, who had a key role in motivating me to create this island.

I can’t count the girls I have talked to since then. Thousands. My Under Feet series is still unique in the whole wide web and the UF trailers got millions of views at Youtube, at least until Youtube decided to take them down.

But this wouldn’t have been possible without you, the fans, the supporters, my friends and my mates. We all have one thing in common and that is our passion. Regardless if you are into dirty socks, pedicured feet or candid clips – we all love the same genre. And we should be proud of that, because it makes us standing out. We should not hide nor should we be anxious. You are fearing laughter or a social downfall? Screw it! We have this one precious life only and despite of having problems or difficulties, it is a good life.

So yeah, as in every Lost & Found series I’ve compiled some stuff together which I haven’t shown or released otherwise. This time I have added 8 free clips from cc-feet, which I wouldn’t release as regular clips because they are shorter than 5 minutes. And there is a small special – you will see it when you download the archive.
Hint: In clip #268 I have talked about it…

Mates, grab the free zip-archive (1.58 GB) and enjoy the content. I’m quite sure that everybody will find something to his liking. Keep your heads up and let’s hope for a quick upcoming spring! <3

download Lost&Found BE