Valentine’s Day


Kiss from a rose…

valentines-day-76_HQIn this case it should be a kiss for the rose, a kiss for Valentine on Valentine’s Day.
I know this joke is getting old, but yesterday I remembered the unreleased series of Valentine and how hilarious (haha) this fits to the Valentine’s Day.

Problem was, I knew I had almost no time left to publish the photos in time. But guess what? I made it and boy I’m happy with it. It’s so satisfying to feel the old well-known feelings when working on photos and clips, the joy, the smile – that’s what I’m doing this for. And yeah, moments I really missed the last months for obvious pandemic reasons.

Let’s forget the disaster! Now it’s time for Valentine to show off her red Nike Air Max.

Well worn shoes, white dirty ankle socks and Valentine’s gorgeous¬†feet with red nail polish on her toes.¬†Lady in red? Yes. Smoking cigarettes? Yes. Detailed? Yes. Did I get the socks after the shooting? Yes. :D

This time I took another approach with the Premium Photo Set. All 88 photos are large sized (4500×3000) and each of them was developed by hand.
This is for all the sneakers and dirty socks lovers out there. And for Valentine’s fans for sure! <3

download the photos