Lost & Found 2021


As always, a short recap for Christmas and New Year’s Day

socks_62This year wasn’t what I have planned or expected by a long shot. I have made some rants, yelled out my frustration and felt down too often for my taste. So now this is the chance to focus on some positive things only.

  • For almost one year now I’m using the app Presently (for Android). There are many awareness and gratitude apps out there, but this one is simple, small and pretty. And it made me smile very often, because even on the baddest days there is something to laugh.
  • Frequently I have the last February in my mind. It was a warm month in Germany, many sunny days and I have captured a socks clip of my dreams. This was a very good time.
  • We have passed winter solstice. The days are getting longer again!
  • I had a few chance encounters over the year. All were unexpected and each one of these filled my heart with warmth and made me happy. I like it very much to talk to people, chatting about this and that, make some jokes or even have a deep conversation with a complete stranger.
  • legogirlAs a boy I had a LEGO figure with a needle on the back. This was funny because I sticked it to my jacket at that time. Don’t know where it is now, I lost it many years ago.
    But I came to the conclusion that it is time to remember some of the old dreams and put new life into them. So I have created and ordered an MDR mini-me and a potential girlfriend :D

And finally, here are the lost pictures for you which I have made in the last months. For obvious reasons there are no photos from my girls, as the socks shop is still closed. But there are many other sock photos and insights of shoes for you. There is even a shoe evolution over the span of nine months, you will see what I mean.
Plus I have added four free and unreleased clips from cc-feet to the collection.

Get the zip-archive (380 MB) for free and enjoy! Thank you very much for your support, stay safe and don’t lose your imagination. This will help to overcome this social horror time <3

download L&F 2021