Just a small rant


I’m so tired of this shit…

When I started this new layout, my idea was to fill the magazine with interesting things, guest stories, funny moments of my life regarding feet. But it turned out that I didn’t make much use of it.

Sadly enough, this became a small diary of the Corona/COVID mess we are all experiencing all over the world. I’m feeling like I’m a weird character in “Groundhog Day / Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier” who stumbles again and again. Repeating his own words over and over. And on top of it: This winter is almost the same mess as last winter. Only difference is, I’m vaccinated. But clubs and bars have closed anyway.
I would laugh about this if I watched such a bad movie, but I can’t. I am really tired and I’m shivering inside, social distance is not my thing. Not at all :(

But there’s another thing I didn’t mention in detail over the past two years. Some of you may have experienced that you simply can’t create an account anymore.
Ten years ago I gave a shit if you entered “X. Y.”, “Jesus Christ” or “Max Mustermann” as your name. It was all ok until some of my clips were released into the wild at porn sites, Telegram groups and so on. It got worse with the UF Uni desaster, you all know what I mean.

But guess what? The only thing that has changed is, that I’m now doing a game of cat and mice with those idiots. Brute Force attacks tried to hack my shop, accounts created over VPN, same people make accounts over and over – and they seem to think that I am that stupid.

To give you a sense of the amount: In the last months I’ve rejected 90% of the created accounts. People began to argue, are begging, explaining, writing silly things…
No, I have no interest in the reasons why you want to be anonymous. And no, it’s not my problem if you have a wife who is checking your credit card clearance. And no, I don’t want you to create an account with your sister’s name. Come on!

Accept that this is not the right place for you if you want to hide behind a mask.

Clips4Sale closed many shops with candid content recently. I know that there are less and less options for creators and customers. Yes, it was easy to buy clips at C4S, but they gave a f*ck if someone entered stolen data. This was the shop owner’s loss and the chargeback rate tended to be 20%. But C4S got rich anyway, they took 40% of the income without doing anything. And if the stolen clips went wild, C4S didn’t care.

But I DO CARE! This is my server, my site and my work. And I welcome everyone who has a friendly face and good intentions! Tell me your stories, I’ll listen to them. I’ll give advice and help if you want to take your first steps. Do you have problems? We’ll find solutions. Want a coffee? Visit me.

But please: Don’t waste my time trying to argue or explaining why this and why that. Just stop it and simply accept that this is not the place for you if you want to hide.

To say it with german Psycho-Andreas: “Ich hab mein Kaffee getrunken. Beruhigt hab ich mich jetzt nicht.”

Thanks for reading.