My clips at P*rnhub and Redt*be? NO!

Recently I stumbled upon some of my clips which were released at p* by unknown idiots. Thanks to my honorable visitors, I could track them down, but we all know: If clips are released at those sites, they are dead for business.

But that’s not the whole story, so please READ THIS, you cheaters, fraudulent persons and idiots:

  • I am not a big p*rn company! I’m just a single person with no employees. The money I make out of my sites is barely enough to live from. No complaints from my side, I love my work. But I am not a pimp with golden rings and big cars. Keep this in mind!
  • No model from this site agreed to make p*rn. No one! Because we do not make p*rn!
  • The last released clip was an “Under Feet” video, where trailer, logo and credits were cut away. All these girls are from the street who supported our project. They were great girls, supportive and had much fun with us. They are not professional p*rn actors and they must not appear on such sites.

I am responsible for what I do and I am also responsible for what happens with my girls.
You uploaders ruin not only my business, you ruin the girls’ reputation and maybe their lives. Guess what happens if those innocent girls discover themselves at P*rnhub? You don’t want that. No one wants this!

So, my baseline: If the uploading at P*rnhub, RedT*be and such sites doesn’t stop, I will close fussphantasie. I’ll have to do it, unfortunately. It just doesn’t make sense then anymore.
That’s not a thing I want to deal with in my life. Furthermore, and most important, I take my resposibility for every girl which appears on my site very serious!

Thanks for reading, MDR.