A message to new customers

Please don’t stay anonymous

The reason you are reading this page is the result of bad things happened in the past.
Unfortunately my sites fussphantasie.de and cc-feet.com have been object of too much credit card fraud and illegal sharing. Some idiots created fake or anonymous accounts and checked out with stolen credit card numbers over VPN.
There were even scammers at Youtube who tried to make money with my clips via fake profiles and miserable suspicious Paypal addresses.

under-feet-czech-republic-02Not only that, the worst thing which happened to me was the constant re-uploading of my clips to Pornhub. The “Under Feet: University” project was such a desaster, because some of the innocent young girls found their faces at porn sites. I had them crying on my telephone… :(

This is a no-go and it leads to a bad reputation for me, my sites and all people around me who are involved in my projects for the last 17 years.

I had to decide: Close my websites due to illegal sharing and credit card fraud – or limit new customers to people I can trust.

Keep in mind, I’m no big porn company. I’m just a single person with a face and a real address in my imprint. I don’t hide behind anonymity or fake addresses on the Cayman Islands. You can visit me and drink a coffee with me.
This is my passion, I’m the guy next door and I live my dreams. I am one of you, mates!
Here are no tracking cookies from Facebook or Google, my sites are completely free of ads and I don’t sell your data to anyone. Why should I?

The only thing I’d like to ask for: Treat me the same way as you want to be treated. I’m Marco and I’m providing you with very good stuff, because I love my own stuff too.

card_mdrSince 2020 I strictly prohibit any VPN and I ask new customers kindly to let me check their identity. I don’t collect addresses or data. I just want to see if you are the real person with that name you have entered at the account registration form.

The easiest way for both of us is:
Take a photo of your credit card, hide the numbers(!) and send this to me via eMail, Whatsapp or Signal. See this picture, this is my own card.

I know this is inconvenient and highly unusual. To be honest, I hate to go that way, but currently I have no other choice to protect me and my girls from fraud and dishonesty.
As a small sorry, you will get a 30% coupon code from me for your first order!

If you don’t feel comfortable with this procedure and my policy, that is ok for me.
But then please accept that this is not the right place for you if you want to hide behind a mask.

I really hope you understand this situation and I’d like to say thank you for your support!