Under Feet: University


Goodbye town, hello college!

The 5th clip of our famous series had to be a special one, so I thought it would be a nice idea to visit a university. There was no doubt that we chose the RUB in Bochum, because I love the open-minded way of life in the Ruhr area.

What we experienced excelled almost every expectation we had prior to the shooting. Most of the girls came across with a heart-warming and thankful attitude.
Not only we got countless positive reactions, some of the girls even sat there for half an hour or more. They got their feet massaged, talked with us about our passion and asked many curious questions.

A few students even said that this experience changed their mind and thanked us for this present we gave. If any film can change the taboo about feet in Germany, this would be the one.

We filmed on two days. It was pretty clear during the first day, that we would have much capturing time indeed but not so much girls, so I was looking forward to a second shooting.

The area of the RUB has many different locations. On the first day we chose two rather quiet places near the Q-West, an astonishing restaurant for the students. The second day we went outside to the library almost in front of the door.

As in the last two clips, Fritz was our lucky man, although I took some chances to lie down too. We got help from Fabienne, Luisa and Michael, a well-proven dream team.

And this is the moment to give the Thank-You’s back to the 20 girls! I feel honored that we laughed so much, got the chance to give you new insights, listen to your stories and last not least to lie down under your gorgeous feet.
Besides, there was one hilarious up-feet situation, definitely a first time experience for me :D

Thumbs up for this university! Cologne is my town of heart, but maybe Bochum and its people come very close as a second. A wonderful life… <3

Note: Due to illegal sharing and uploading at Pornhub, I removed this clip for now to protect the girls. I distance myself explicitly from this context and I am not willing to accept this illegal practice. This doesn’t only mean harm to my work but to the reputation of anybody involving and participating in this clip also. No one of us wants to see our faces at Pornhub!
Think twice what damage you do to the community and for all future projects, you sharing idiots.

[This clip is currently unavailable]