Too Hot For Socks


Rose socks with sneakers

too-hot-for-socks-janaWhat would you do if you are on tour and get hot feet in your shoes? Remove your socks. That’s what Jana did here while walking to a REWE supermarket.

too-hot-for-socks-jana2Jana’s old H&M sneakers are very used as you can see, so the socks got a smudgy footprint from the inside of the soles. In addition there was a light warm rain before the shooting, so the dirt from the ground sticked to Jana’s feet as well when she put her socks into the shoes.

Smiling into the camera is one thing Jana likes very much. Stuffing her socks into the bag and walking to the supermarket deserves her mean smile as well, because she knows that there are many guys who would like to get a hand on her moist socks :)


In addition to the 80 standard pictures, I put 17 large pictures into this Premium Set. As ever it was a joy to develop the pictures one by one to get the most out of it. Shopping Queen Jana and dirty socks, that’s a pleasure too.

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