Moving to a new home


Finally the search is over!

Guys, the last 7 years I spent my life in a very small apartment. From the beginning it was meant as an interim solution after the breakup with Kathrin, but there were many things which kept me from searching since then.

IMG_20130225_152235_489ht2smSome of you, who are regularly visiting fussphantasie for a longer time, know that I had a heart attack few years ago. With an age in the 30s! Definitely not the time you think about such things.

My body recovered to 100%, but my psyche was devastated and this lasts to the present. There were so many months where I didn’t have any idea what to do with my life and all around the question: How long will this life be?

There are many people who take such a trauma as a beginning for a new life. They start to change, to live and to laugh. But I was depressed for almost two years. I spent much time in a clinic for psychosomatic diseases and gladly, with the help of those gorgeous people and the help of my friends, I started to see a little light glowing on, far away.

I bought a small book and a pencil, sat down in the sun and did some brainstorming. I collected everything: whishes, ideas, thoughts – just to see what I want to do the rest of my life and which things I definitely do not want to do from that moment on.

One biggest point on that list was: Find a new home. A home, where you feel happy.

To be honest, it is rather easy to find an apartment in Cologne, but there are some things which have to fit. The room space, the price, the location and, most important, the feeling when you enter the house. It should fit one’s soul – hope you get what I mean. This makes it more difficult, especially when you have moments where you are sad and depressed.

But yeah, although I almost gave up my search again, I found an apartment last week. And I got it! Today I got the keys and left some money there :D


So, my plans I did for this time regarding fussphantasie and cc-feet have to wait. There is a shooting with a new model next week I’m looking so much forward to, that I didn’t cancel it.
But anything else will be put on hold. The new already planned video with Alex, a new secret project, the series with Nina, Jana and Patricia, and so on.

I hope so much that my internet line works flawlessly in my new home, but I know from last time that there is a good chance that I got no connection at all but my mobile line. I will be able to answer short mails and do the standards of business, but please be patient if there is no fast reaction from me at all.

The next four weeks I will renovate two apartments, take my time to move and, the most important thing for me: build my working place with air to work and breathe, to get new ideas and everything.
This small old room kept me from being creative in the last years and I can’t wait to start from scratch into a new and happier life :) Stay tuned mates!