Nina Remote Controlled


Remote someone’s feet via microphone. Impossible? No!

This clip is hilarious! One night I had the spontaneous idea to capture a movie, where I can control every movement of the feet by remote in public. I was hooked since then.

The concept was ideal for Nina, because she hadn’t done any filming before, so I didn’t need to introduce her in the special things we could possibly want. There was only one rule to obey: Do what I say over the microphone :D

I was so excited of the idea that I didn’t sleep the night before our shooting. Every moment I thought about the video, I had to laugh. In my bed. And the moments were permanent.

Nina and I met in the afternoon after we planned a bus tour through the villages. We didn’t talk about the contents any further, because I wanted Nina to be so unprepared as possible. And that was a very good idea, because the result was amazing.

In short, this film covers everything you might want from a young girl in a bus: Dipping in her flats, dangling while the legs are crossed, rubbing her feet on the seat and so on.

This was so incredible that I might do a series with this idea. It is just the start. If you have a good suggestion for another location or scene to remote control a girl, tell me. I’m open!
Technical side note: We filmed with two cameras. In a bus.¬†Without getting in trouble… :)

download the video