Archive Pack: Annabelle


All I need…

annabelle-portraitThis song from Air has a special meaning in this case. Annabelle came to me through a common friend. She saw fussphantasie and decided to do the shootings immediately. Although Annabelle hadn’t got any experience in photography, she was “kamerageil” – which I would translate as the opposite to shy in front of my lens.

In the first set “Belle Air” (you got the name?) we did a wonderful shooting in front of a white piano. Annabelle was dressed with a black top, blue jeans, old black flats and white nylon hold-up stockings.

It was a dream to photograph her. These are the moments when I’d rather like to put the camera aside and just watch :D Annabelle reminded me a little bit of Jane Burnham from ‘American Beauty’, just as dreamy and fanciful.

The second series is “Rosa Sockenwolken”, or rosé sock clouds. Black Puma sneakers, rosé socks worn for three days, blue Jeans and the same haunting Annabelle. What a journey.

In summary there are 222 pictures of Annabelle. Two old but gold series packed together.

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