Out Of Order


Pedal pumping with a black nylon pantyhose and white socks

Our fan Mike requested this clip some time ago. He wanted Kathrin to wear blue jeans, a thin black nylon pantyhose and white socks with sneakers.

The story from Mike is as following:
After a long day at the college, Kathrin wanted to drive home in her car. But the car didn’t start at all, so Kathrin got very angry. She tried every possible thing she knew about cars.

Kathrin opened the engine hood, tried to start the car over and over and – most important – did a tremendous amount of pedal pumping. At first in her shoes, then with socks and eventually with her nylon soles only.

Because Kathrin heated up very much during these actions, she had to air out her feet again and again. Socks on, socks off, shoes on, shoes off.

After a long time Kathrin gave up trying to get the car running. She put on her socks and shoes and decided to leave her car alone and walked home :(

A side note from behind the scenes: It was very difficult for us to capture the clip, because we didn’t find a proper¬†place at first. We tried it on three days, throwing away the earlier attempts each time.
And the second note: Unfortunately most of my old raw video data is gone, that’s why the preview clip is only 320×240 pixel in size.

download the video