Archive Pack: Elaine


The famous travel girl

There are many questions regarding my old neighbour Elaine and now it is time to turn on the light into the darkness. At first, Elaine and I lived together in a house a few years ago. When I had shootings, Elaine and her flatmate Heidi were whispering and smiling, but no one could tell what I did there.

Until I saw Elaine cleaning the stairway with a skirt and knee socks. I had to ask her if she wants to be a model :D This was a picture I’ll never forget.

Long story short: We did many series in those years, a short video clip with her delightful dirty socks and even a gorgeous shooting with Elaine’s volleyball girls in the changing room.

The first of those series I’ll present here is “Vive la France”. Elaine did a semester abroad in France and so we had fun doing photos with cheesy red socks and a stinky french camembert cheese. Yummy!

Right after the second series Elaine went to Scotland. So the title was “Mach die Schotten dicht” – which is a German equivalent of “close the doors”. A joke only Germans will understand, sorry. The special thing in this series was, that I got a glance of Elaines toes through her pantyhose. She hated her feet, especially her toes and always tried to hide them, but here we got a nice present from Elaine.

The last set is “Airport Cologne”, which was the great farewell. Socks and Adidas Superstars in a sensitive environment. I’m sure that such photos aren’t easy to do now in the present. Anyway, this was the last shooting we did. Elaine lives in Scotland happily since then.

Alltogether you’ll get 208 pictures with sneakers, flats, socks and a black pantyhose in this Archive Pack. Not to forget to mention the extensive crushing session.

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