Archive Pack: Jutta #02


Barefoot, nylons, flats and Birkenstocks

nach_der_arbeit_071This collection of photoseries consists of six different shootings with Jutta. All of them have a unique combination of shoes and footwear in common.

“Bonanza” is a series with a tan nylon pantyhose, white socks and Cowboy boots. I like that you can see the sweaty footprint of the nylons on the stony stairs. The second series “My Friend The Tree” is about sweaty nylons, too. Plus Jutta’s famous super smelly pink colored plasticy Esprit sneakers.

The third nylon series is “Jutta’s Slippers”. A pantyhose which will get teared by Jutta in front of the camera, respectively your nose.

“China girl” is a barefoot series with Jutta and her super stinky and dirty velvet flats. They were sold to a fan after the shooting and he was very lucky. The fifth photo series is called “The Night Cleaner”. It was dark outside, but we wanted to shoot a series and Jutta had to clean something in her room, so we combined both. Wooden¬†clogs and bare feet FTW.

In the last series “After Work” Jutta and I photographed her nurse outfit. Indeed Jutta is a nurse, so no staged setup here. She was wearing her super old Bikenstock Tokio shoes with thin black nylon socks. It was warm outside, so you can imagine how the scent of Jutta’s feet was :)

This photo set isn’t available anymore.