Archive Pack: Kathrin & Striped Socks


The socks queen

All you guys who follow me for years know Kathrin. We did so many photo sets and videos and mostly they consist of very dirty socks in different situations.

purple-rhine-04For this pack I’ve chosen three sets with striped socks. Kathrin liked them very much, especially when they were pink colored. The first series is “2 von Millionen von Sternen”. Kathrin had some black suede boots with a sharp heel. I loved them, because the scent of the dampy socks was gorgeous when Kathrin’s feet got hot.

We did the shooting in her apartment with the famous pink sofa. Many pretty socks and barefoot photos plus a small set of crushing some gummy bears with the heels. Poor bear.

The second set is “One day in Spain”. We visited Spain for a few days over New Year’s Eve. It was so sunny and warm, that we spent most of the time outside. Torrevieja had a nice seaside and the town was so lovely. The side note regarding Kathrin’s socks is: Kathrin had only this pair with her :D Imagine…

In the last series “Purple Rhine” we did a shooting at the Rhine bank in Cologne. We were on the right side, where you can see our famous dome in the background. Kathrin was wearing her working flats. At that time she did many small jobs in a cafĂ© and at events. Those leather flats were trashed very fast because of this heavy usage and the socks inside were, well, dirty? Smelly? They were heavenly.

Get this Archive Pack with 3 series and 326 photos with Kathrin and her socks. I loved them.

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