Crime And Punishment


Rubbing sticky nylon feet back and forth

Beforehand, this is one of my favorite fantasies regarding socks and nylons. To be almost there but not yet at all. The tension of probably not getting close to the moist feet drives me crazy. Watching only, this is the hardest punishment for me.

The story is as following: Désirée came home from work and had a really angry mood. She was treated by her boss not so well and in addition there was an ongoing dispute with her friend.

Normally he is allowed to massage Désirée’s feet at such evenings and he may even stuck his nose into the sweaty nylons, but not at this time.

Désirée avenged herself for the macho style of her friend and orders him to sit down on the floor, right in front of the sofa in sight to Désirée’s feet.

She began to pull off her leather pumps, caresses her feet and started an intense toe wiggling and foot rubbing show in front of her friend’s nose. He was able to smell the breeze of leather and sweat, but he could not get right into it, he could only watch.

Her friend tried almost everything to bring Désirée around, but no bidding and praying did help. In the end she had the most cruel idea to give her friend his deserved punishment.

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