Under Feet: Amsterdam


One man under the feet of 25 girls

Can you do something better, which has been astonishing already? Yes, you can.
Four long years passed by after the Düsseldorf project and I wasn’t the only one who wanted a sequel.

Amsterdam was the town of our choice for a long time, so we drove with five people to the centre. Together with Jutta, Julie, Michael and Paul, I filmed a movie comparable par none.

In the middle of the ‘Dam’, the central place of Amsterdam, we filmed 25 girls with four cameras at once.
All of them had much fun to place their feet onto my face. We had many hilarious conversations, some of them in English language.

You can guess that we’ve been a tourist attraction, don’t think I have to mention this :) Many people took photographs of me and the girls above.

I’d like to thank all of the participants who realised this video with me. But the greatest “Thank You” goes to the girls for sure. It was totally international, many came from USA, Italy, Spain and so on. A very entertaining day in a wonderful city, enjoy mates!

download the video