Archive Pack: Sarah


Just ask and you’ll come to the point

from-sarah-064Sarah was working in my favorite café and I stumbled upon her shoe and socks combination, so we got into a conversation. I introduced her to fussphantasie and she got curious, so we arranged two shootings.

The first one is called “From Sarah with love”. We did an exciting setup with mostly white walls, whereas Sarah was completely dressed in black. Just her socks were colorful, a glowing and warming red.

With her leather boots Sarah took place on a washing machine and started slowly undressing herself. Leather jacket, boots and finally her dirty worn red socks.

Sarah had a toe ring and an anklet at her feet. This was a very sweet addition to this scene and complements her casual but elegant dressing style.

In the second series “Dream of turquoise” Sarah was wearing black jeans, a white top and turquoise socks and flat Adidas sneakers. She was in the kitchen and moved around the place, so we got several views from all sides. On the chair, the ground and the work place above the fridge.

In summary you’ll get 202 pictures with beautiful feet from a very pretty blond student.

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