Smothering Heights


Cathy and Heathcliff on dope

To be honest, as tragical as Wuthering Heights ends, but this clip has a sweet and tasteful ending. Marie’s lover will only be almost killed by those dirty and sweaty nylons.

In her job as a waitress in a café Marie has to stand and walk the whole shift in her pumps. Naturally she got sweaty feet very fast, but when she works, the outcome is multiplied by hundreds.

After a stressful shift she had a beautiful plan for her lover. Marie wants her feet to be worshipped. Not that way as always, but with an extra portion of dirty nylons which are soaked with sweat.

Marie has worn these nylons for four days in her leather pumps and the lover couldn’t believe how strong and stinky the smell was.

In addition the nylons are insanely heavy dyed from Marie’s feet and her shoes. It is a pleasure alone to watch this rubbing feet in front of the nose.

The lover almost fell in a passionate unconsciousness, especially when he got the sweet taste of the dirt on his tongue. Many fans of Marie can confirm that awesome scent, just for the record :)

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