Archive Pack: Carmen


Carmen with pumps and bare feet

carmen-pumpsI made a few great series with Carmen. She is an elegant lady and she has a large selection of all kinds of shoes, a heaven for a foot photographer :)

This Archive Pack is focused mainly on bare feet and high heeled shoes, such as mule sandals with a higher heel or classic pumps.

In the first series “Fools Rush In” Carmen was wearing dark hold-up stockings with gold colored mules. Her toenails were painted with a classic red nail polish, which harmonizes perfectly with the whole outfit.

The second set is called “Paparazzi”. The title explains, what we were doing. I followed Carmen outside in a shopping mall in town and caught many moments with her pumps and her bare feet. Carmen dangled, dipped and did some shoeplay with her pumps.

In the last series of this pack “Pussy Terror”, Carmen and I met outside and did a shooting with her black peeptoe high heels and her dirty bare soles. The dominant view of Carmen emphasizes the whole pretty set.

In summary you’ll get 316 pictures. One half “Paparazzi”, the rest the other two series.

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