Archive Pack: Jana & Nylons


Three popular sets with nylon socks

Jana is famous for her different nylon wear. Not only she owns so many different flats, Jana has many nylons in different styles and colors too.

me-in-you-037The first series “Me In You” begins with standard tan colored nylons in very old and worn out black flats. Jana was reading a book on a bench outside and I captured this scene from all possible angles. Why this funny name of the set? Well, every time I shoot and work, there is some kind of music which reminds me of the pictures. In that case I was listening to Kings Of Convenience and I thought it fits very well :)

“Ed von Schleck” was a famous ice cream brand in Germany. Jana and I were in an ice cafĂ© while photographing and this name came to mind at first.

Jana had white and dotted nylons at her feet, together with pretty white flats. An awesome shooting in public and you can imagine, how sweaty it was for me to crawl around the floor, because it was very hot outside. Besides Jana’s hotness for sure.

The last set is “Sonnentanz und lila Wolken”. Two songs which were in the German music charts at that time. This name fits very well, because Jana was wearing violet striped nylon socks with her very old and much liked golden flats. Did I say it was sunny? :D

This Archive Pack contains 3 series with 274 photos for you nylon guys. Lick that ice!

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