Archive Pack: Foreign Socks 1-7


I almost forgot these moments

fs1-7_13Surfing the old series of fussphantasie is like a diary for me. There are so many stories bound to the pictures I’ve taken in all those years, that I could write more than a book about it. Maybe I should do it someday – there are many chapters to tell.

But in this case it is the whole beginnig of the Foreign Socks series. As so many projects, this idea was a simple “what if”-thought. And I like such things. Spontaneous ideas I’ve never tried before, just to do them and see what will happen.

What will random girls from the street say if I ask them kindly for their socks?

To be honest, I never thought this could be easy at all. But it was. Give the girls some new socks and that’s it. You only have to be aware that there are a couple of girls who don’t want to give their socks away for several reasons. No discussion, just accept a “no” and wish them a good day with an insightful smile on your face.

Before I started capturing this on video, I made seven photo series in the past years. Altogether there are 441 pictures in this complete Archive Pack. There are many socks, nylons and bareĀ feet to see. The socks were shipped to the fans who bid in auctions, so they have their own private diary now.

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