Sporty outfit on a hot summer’s day

sunsport-preview-12The famous Cinderella from the Under Feet: NRW clip did a second shooting with me. Elena and I met at the Rhine and walked along the promenade. I asked her for an outfit with sneakers and she came with Adidas sneakers, sporty white ankle socks, a red top and a jeans shorts.

It was a sunny afternoon and very warm outside. At first we went to some stairs which go up to the Deutzer Bridge.
Elena put off her shoes and socks while I was taking some photos. Some people around stopped, were watching us and a few made jokes out of it :D

In such moments I often think, how many of these guys are actually foot lovers but don’t dare to tell anyone. There are probably many of them.

Anyway, Elena put on her Adidas again, this time with bare feet and we went to the river itself. There are some good places to take nice photos.

Elena removed her shoes, made some skilled dangling jokes with one foot and afterwards I took some very nice posing pictures from Elena sitting on a wall.

This Premium Photo Set contains 90 standard quality photos (3000×2000) in addition to 12 developed high quality pictures (4500×3000) from Elena in her pretty summer outfit.

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