Under Feet: NRW


The great successor

What a movie! There was a time when I thought, it would be a great idea to do an “Under Feet” in a little town. So we sat down, searched for funny names of villages and finally decided to choose Erwitte/Anröchte.

But there is one thing I did not have in mind: You won’t have that many people in a little village. There were tractors, barns and a REWE supermarket… and two nice girls sitting in that supermarket café, who took part in the clip immediately.

Nevertheless, I had to change the plan, so we travelled halfway through North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). We filmed three days and were in Anröchte, Lippstadt, Dortmund and in the end in Cologne again.

I got support from Marion, Fabienne, Luisa, Michael and Carsten. The lucky man was Fritz again, as in the last year. On a few occasions I also lay down again. I had to worship Cinderella, there was no chance to do it not :D

In summary we had 22 wonderful girls from all over the places. I’d like to thank them the most, because without them those projects wouldn’t happen. We had much fun, many interesting conversations and encounters.

I hope that you like the film the same way as I do. Maybe with humour and honesty we will break the existing taboo little by little. Life would be so much easier for all of us, really.

download the video