Hello fussphantasie 2.0


A fresh start from scratch

Wow, after weeks of planning and programming, thinking and talking, drawing and striking through again, I’m sitting here early in the morning and try to summarize what has happened and why… :D

fp_altSince 2005 I maintain this website and many of you follow me and my girls for years. This is f*cking great and I’m deeply grateful for all of your support! The last two or three years have been a slow down in many ways, so I thought it is time to develop a new base.

But how should I do that? The old site had hundreds of photo series, many clips and almost 80 models. There were about 600 single sites with German stories, adventures, thoughts, ideas… I tried to get around the thought to translate every page. I knew it was definitely not possible to transfer fussphantasie 1:1 to a new technical base. And if it were possible, would I like it afterwards?

So I did a simple math.

Life changes, we change – why not cutting a line and grow up? Go three steps further without forgetting from where I come from. And take the most important girls with me. The ones who made this site possible, the ones who did many great photos and clips with me and the ones who are still active for all these years.

What does this mean for you?

First of all I decided to drop the German language. I have so many visitors from all over the world, that it would be simply impolite and stupid to ignore this fact. So I’ll write in English as this is the most common language around the world. Yes, I know, there is also Chinese and Spanish, but I don’t speak it.

indexprintSecond, I stripped the content and introduced a new product category, the Premium Photo Sets.
In the early 2000’s we didn’t have fast Internet connections, so we were all dependent on photos. The photo series were mostly a flip-book style mimicking a video clip. But we don’t need this anymore, we can do videos instead.

However, I didn’t want to get rid of photos, as this is the heart of this site. And it will beat even stronger now, because from now on the photo series will contain only the best of the best photos, handcrafted and developed one by one. This is what I loved the most when I did this for some single pictures and now you will get the love too <3

Stock photo quality, high resolution images, ready to print or make a poster for your wall.

Under Feet Clips?

Yes, those videos grew in the last years. They became much more important and so this is the second line I will focus on. Videos in public, awesome ideas captured on film, so that our passion will reach out and lose its bad reputation, which it unfortunately still has. Unnecessarily.

I’m not finished yet.

haircut_socksTo fight against my procrastination, I made a deadline of May 18th for the refresh. But there are still some glitches here and there. Many old clips and series aren’t transferred yet. I will do this over the next weeks and put them in the right chronological order. Don’t be surprised if some things will appear in the categories but not on the front page, as the front page will hold the news only.

So please be kind and gentle with me, things will follow. If there are any technical issues or you discover typos (ugh), please send me a short message. I tried the best to make a soft change, but naturally there will be bugs.

Well, then: Enjoy! That’s all I can say for now – hope you like the new haircut :)