Modern Stalking


You can win if you want…

This is the right subtitle for this video, because the ending of the clip is hilarious, but I won’t spoiler you any further.

What’s the story?
I followed Jana in the tram, from the beginning when I met her on the street to the grand final. Jana was wearing old worn flats and trashed tan colored nylon socks. In combination with her blue jeans and a white top this looked just awesome.

There was a great dangling show and a good portion of shoeplay. An awesome moment was, when Jana took off her flats and put her nyloned feet onto the seat, in direct sight to my eyes.

Eventually Jana got out of the tram and what happened next will move you to tears :D
(pun intended)

A technical side note: We did the whole scene in the tram in one take, there is no cut. It becomes noticable that Jana is very experienced with cameras and that I do candids for a long time now. This was a truely mastershot!

download the video