A Train To Nowhere


Patricia Del Rey in my former wasteland

patricia-train-portraitSome of you might know that I was born in the region of the lower Rhineland, same as Patricia. At that time I called this region “wasteland”, because in the morning you’re able to see who will visit you in the afternoon… :D

But this time I visited Patricia. She moved from Cologne to a small town, where her horse lives. This town has a really neat train station, so we decided to spend a funny afternoon and do a shooting there.

train_cropPatricia was wearing blue jeans with a black top and a black leather jacket. Feet wise she had a tan colored nylon pantyhose and very old black flats with shoelaces on. We did some astonishing photos in this set. The first reason was Patricia, obviously. But second, I had two new lenses attached to my camera and the results were… wow.

For the photographic interested people: I had a 14mm wide angle lens without fisheye on a full format camera. In general the camera provides a very high quality as you can see in the 1:1 crop from above. And the lenses push this quality to an even higher level.


This Premium Set consists of 102 standard quality photos in addition to 16 developed high quality pictures. This was a wonderful day with Patricia and the coffee was very good, as always.

download the photos