Foreign Socks – Part 10


Spotting socks at 35° Celsius isn’t that easy

5a3Maybe I was a bit naive, but I thought it would be nice to get some socks on the street when it is warm outside. Although I should have known it, I was surprised how many girls weren’t wearing any socks at all. Most of the people had Birkenstocks and Flip-Flops on, which was obvious at this temperature.

The other thing is: Many girls who are wearing socks, don’t want to give them away, because they are too sweaty :D

2aIt doesn’t help to explain that this is what we want. But I can understand the bit of shame of the girls, as this is common sense normally. Even if it is unnecessary in our case, but yeah, these are the rules of society.

But I wouldn’t publish a new clip if I was unsuccessful.

In fact we just needed more (much more) time to get some girls in front of my camera. Those girls had fun with us and with all of them we talked a longer time after exchanging socks. Mostly all of them asked about my project, what we do with the socks and so on.

In one case there were a few drunken idiots watching us and commenting weird stuff, but Ruth handled the situation easily with her generous mind. Maybe the guys were just jealous – which I could understand :)

Five girls, five sweaty pairs of socks and a funny afternoon on a very hot day. Nice!

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