Archive Pack: Lana


Super pretty feet meet super tasty socks

lana-dirty-socksIn this archive I put two series of Lana together. It is the balance act of a model-esque setup with strappy sandals and bare feet, plus a refreshing series with Vans sneakers and ped socks.

When¬†Lana and I went outside, the sun was shining and it was very warm, so the series got the title “A Summer Girl”. There was no discussion that we wanted to do a barefoot shooting, so we walked around the streets of her hood.

Lana was wearing a long skirt with a sexy slit at the side. The skirt blew around her ankles when she was walking, so I tried to capture some of these moments. When we did a pause, Lana rubbed the sand off of her feet and walked barefoot over stones after that.

In the end I did some photos of Lana’s soles while lying on the ground. One of those pictures sticks to my wall since then, I like it so much :)

The second series is “Cooking The Other Way”. Lana was wearing her black Vans and dirty white ped socks. At first we took many photos on her balcony but after a while Lana wanted to have something to eat.

We changed places, went into her kitchen and Lana began to cook some noodles with spinach. I lied down on the floor as so often and photographed her bare feet while she was working at the oven. Love this position and I don’t need to eat then, the looks are enough to enjoy.

The whole package consists of 243 breathtaking photos with two series of a beautiful girl.

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