Archive Pack: Kiara


Tremendously trashed flats with a pantyhose

mother-and-daughter-05This is a collection of two photo sets with Kiara. One series with a black pantyhose and awesome red flats. A second series with leather shoes and pretty rosé striped socks.

It was a premiere at fussphantasie: A photo series with a model and her mum, together! Kiara and her mum Joe were really excited, me too. Both of them were delighted to do a shooting with me and what happened, excelled my expectations.

The girls were drinking sparkling wine, laughed a lot and swam in the momentum they created. Kiara had a black pantyhose, Joe a white one. Both were wearing flats and skirts. They needed nothing more to get their party started.

In the second series “Trash 17” I photographed Kiara alone. We were outside and she did a nice sock-and-sole show for me. As a side note for you, this series took a long time, because Kiara and I were talking too much. This happens very often and I have to brace myself not to forget the camera :D

The whole package contains 240 pictures. Two thirds nylons, one third socks. Enjoy!

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