Taste the smelly socks

Most probably I will never lose this fantasy in my life. And it seems that it changes frequently to several incarnations over time.

Yes, I like to be a voyeur, I observe and I dream. Sometimes the dreams come true, in such a moment reality merges with the movie in my head.

I creep into Alex’ apartment secretly and hide behind the sofa, because I know how dirty the socks always are, especially when she is wearing boots. I’m just sitting there in silence and witness what she is doing.

Alex removes her boots, plays some music, puts her socked feet directly to the front of my nose and starts playing with her toes.

She lights a cigarette, calls her good friend on the phone – and then she discovers me… oh my god!

As this doesn’t happen the first time, Alex isn’t surprised at all. She just removes her socks, stuffs them into my mouth and phones along as if nothing happened. I love my neighbours :)

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