Down Boy


Black nylon pantyhose meets an open mouth

After Lissa and I did the “Office Girl” shots, it was obvious that we wanted to make a sweet video with the same subject. So we searched a small office, checked a few things and went along.

Granted, I have never thought that filming the first time with someone would be so easy and hilarious. Lissa is a dominant natural and it was pure joy for her to get her feet licked clean by her poor assistant.

We didn’t do any scripting, the dialogs were spontaneous and funny and I had not much to explain beforehand. This was just Lissa starring as herself.

Sure, we created a small story behind. Lissa working as a clerk with pantyhose and pumps, me as a poor assistant who is stumbling over Lissa’s flats in the corridor, smelling at them and being discovered in the end.

Lissa wasn’t amused and decided to punish me in her own way. See by yourself, mates :)

All in all this was a very exciting shooting. Thanks to Lissa for these wonderful moments!

download the video