Foreign Socks – Part 9


“sponsored by Lufthansa, to screw the pants off Japanese girls”

2bDo you guys know the artist Momus? I love him and he did some very great songs with very sensual, deep and erotic lyrics. “Professor Shaftenberg” is one song of Momus and I like the parts where he sings about screwing off pants and buying school girl underwear.

This information aside, it has not really much to do with our new Foreign Socks clip, but I had to smile, because on my way back home I heard this song and I found it quite meaningful. I wished I’d be sponsored by Lufthansa to do such clips…

5aAnyway. You know what this is about. I walked through the streets with my video cam and asked random girls if they would like to exchange their old used socks with new ones. Just a simple question and it leads to hilarious reactions :D

I don’t really know what the funniest part was. Maybe the girl who said “Yes, you can have my socks but do not film my feet, I hate them” – quite sad but a little bit funny nevertheless.

A real pity were two girls who talked with me about feet in general, just to hear the saddest plot twist ever: Her bag and mobile phone got stolen minutes before I talked to them. I gave her some socks as a nice gesture and wished her all the best.

But in summary it was a funny afternoon. Five girls, five nice conversations about feet, my projects, the fears of girls and boys and last not least five pairs of socks for us. Thank you girls <3

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