Smoke, Spit And Dirt


Nike Air Max with dirty ankle socks, this is heaven!

smoke-spit-dirt_preview08As I told you already, I did so many shootings and clips which have never been published in the last year. One of these is this exciting photo set I did with Nina.

She is a casual clothes girl and so we simply went outside to a bus stop without digging too deep into what she should wear or not. This is her style. Sneakers and dirty socks. I knew it from all these years I know Nina :D

We did some very nice photos of her Nikes in different angles. Nina removed her socks, held them into my camera and soon it was time to photograph her bare feet with red nail polish on her toes.

When we did a small break with smoking a cigarette, it came to my mind that many of you like girls doing dirty things while waiting for the bus. So yeah, I lie down on the street and focused on the poor cigarette stub which was crushed by the mean sneakers.

After that I asked Nina to do some spitting and this got some few very good shots in this set. Not that easy at all, but very… thrilling.

In the end we walked around, I made some nice portraits of Nina and she shook out a stone of her shoe. Did I mention that she was walking barefoot in her sneakers all the time? Now I told you.

This premium set has 120 standard quality pictures plus 15 large high quality pics inside. It was a joy to develop this series and I’m sure that you dirty guys will love it also <3

download the photos