Lost & Found 2022


Focus on the good

focus_goodA few years ago I got to know a little girl from Russia by accident. Found her Youtube channel and contacted her, she was born and lives in Siberia. One of my childhood dreams is to ride the Trans Siberian Express some day.
I asked her about her culture, her life and her dreams. Since then we have a friendship and are texting now and then. I even learned the cyrillic alphabet and some Russian language.

In one of her videos she made a room tour and I discovered a small poster which said “Focus on the good” – and that is why I’m telling this lovely story my life has given me.

It does not depend on age or gender if someone has an impact on your life. We are born to have social contacts and interactivity, we have to share our stories and our experience, we have to learn and stay curious. If we stop this and are always looking at the bad things in life, we won’t be lucky again. The happy moments are the chocolate on top of a cake.

This may sound somewhat melancholic or like an old man’s advice, but I have started to focus very early. It was the ground layer of my decisions I have made in the past. And if a little girl has a motivation poster hanging at her wall, then I’m sure we all can learn a precious lesson from her.
Since I discovered her message, I didn’t forget this picture and it is present all of the time when I need it.

You know it is a ritual that I’m sending you some free stuff at around Christmas/New Year’s Day and this year will not be an exception. I have put together a small archive with photos taken this year, plus a small unreleased clip from cc-feet.
Get the zip-archive with 275 files (234 MB) for free and enjoy!

Although this year was probably one of the most difficult for me, I’m not giving up. My hospital visit has ended suddenly and too early and I know that I still have to do some hard work in the upcoming months. Sadly this story is not over yet. Although I wished it would be over, I know that some things need time.

But I’ll keep things in focus – the good things in life, the people around me, my lovely girls which always support me and certainly you, my beloved customers, visitors and fans.

Take a minute and tell someone what you always wanted to say. That you love her, what you like about her or anything else which comes to your mind. Something positive – and you’ll earn back a little smile.
I wish you all a happy New Year’s Day! See you very soon <3

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