No Lost & Found 2020


A quite sad year comes to anĀ end

Three weeks ago I promised not to use the C-word again. But still the virus is hanging all over us, no one can see it but many people feel the impact every day. Either the many of us who are working in hospitals and breathing for some air to rest, or every other one who had lost his job, a family member, a friend…

lf2020_1Christmas is the time for meeting his family. Presenting gifts, spreading love and having a good time. But the good time is limited this year. We protect the elder ones, many of us are sitting in quarantine and/or are meeting friends online via Zoom or Facetime.

I’m alone too. Sitting here in my room and to be honest, I’m running out of words. Sure this time will end, maybe in spring or summer, who knows. But I’m sad. I can’t meet anyone because of the virus. I lost my mom with the virus and this is the first Christmas without family. I want these days to be over as fast as possible. I want this year to end.

This year wasn’t the time for projects, I only did one. Others had to be cancelled.
There weren’t any sock orders due to closing the shop before spring.
I didn’t meet many girls, didn’t do much photos and I wasn’t hunting for socks and shoes.

lf2020_4Most of the stuff I normally like to share with you at the end of the year was already uploaded to the Corona Gallery. I will upload a few last pics in the next days, but I don’t have much more this year. So there isn’t a Lost & Found package for you. Unfortunately.

Scooter had published a song some weeks ago: “FCK2020” (watch at Youtube)
And this is how I feel. Honestly, I’ve never ever experienced such a mess in my whole life and I’m quite sure that many of you feel the same. Maybe many of us are alone now, but this loneliness is something we share together.

I want to say thank you! Your words, your mails, your thoughts were overwhelming and helped me through a very difficult period of time this year.

Have a good time, stay strong and healthy and I hope you and me will have a better 2021!
Thank you <3