A Birkenstock Dream


Trashed Birkenstocks from a nurse

birkenstock-barefootI like. As I worked in a hospital for a long time, I know how those shoes and socks smell after some shifts. Especially when you have a mixed changing room, where the female colleagues store their shoes also, but that’s another story.

birkenstock-toes-socksMalina had a sock order for a customer and she was wearing pink striped Puma ankle socks in her very old Birkenstocks. I visited her after work and we did this phenomenal shooting. Without any joke, I could smell her socks while I was behind the camera.

We walked to different locations, apart from the visitors who went in and out. Besides my standard lens, I had an addidtional wide angle lens for some pictures, so there are really nice shots in this set. Sometimes it seems Malina’s foot is almost in your mouth, watch the 1:1 crop here on the left side above.


This Premium Set contains 15 high quality pictures of Malina and her gorgeous socks and shoes.

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