Archive Pack: Leila


A nylon set of three series

leila-nylon-socksAs Leila is a model here for a long time now, we have made quite a few shootings over the years. Leila has always good ideas and she is very open for specials which our fans suggest here and there.

The first out of the three sets is “Come And Dance With Me”. One of the most popular series I’ve ever made. Leila was wearing tan coloured nylon socks and elegant black pumps with a peak. We did this series in her kitchen, because I’m a kitchen guy :D I love kitchens. And nylons.

In the second series “Love Letters From Famous Men” we fulfilled a wish from a customer. He is a great Leila fan and also he loves Birkenstocks. He asked us if we could do a shooting with pumps, nylons and his new Birkenstock Gizeh shoes, which he sent to us.

The last set is called “Spring Feelings”. After a long cold winter we all couldn’t wait for the spring. So Leila put a green dress on which almost felt like growing flowers in the sun. In addition she was wearing a black nylon pantyhose and peeptoe pumps with a little bow on the top.

The whole Archive Pack contains 278 pictures with nylons in common, plus a variety of pumps and last not least a pair of new Birkenstocks, thanks to Chris.

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