Archive Pack: Patricia & Nylons


A black pantyhose heaven

a-day-at-ikea-nylonsThis Archive Pack is seriously an unbelievable composition. It features two popular series with Patricia, both with black nylons. One set with worn out flats, the other with pink Nike sneakers.

The first is “Ein Tag bei IKEA”. One of my personal favorites of all time, because it contains a part in public, where Patricia and I walked through IKEA and captured many photos at different locations. This was not easy as you can guess :)

After this visit, we sat outside in the sun, took another bunch of photos and went back home. At that time Patricia furnished her new apartment, so I helped her, installed a toilet lid and consistently took my camera again – until the great final, where my Patricia ‘Del Rey’ made me speechless, see for yourself.

In the second series “Passion”, Patricia was wearing her pink Nike sneakers together with another black pantyhose. The Nikes have been her sock order shoes for a long time, so they had a very decent scent.

Also outside, we walked through the centre of Cologne to the Deutzer Bridge, where we rested and captured an exciting set of photos from all angles.

In summary this Archive Pack contains 198 photos. The series itself are the reason why I initially started this website with passion and love. Many kisses and thanks to Patricia for these awesome sets <3

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