Away With The Socks


Valentines debut with white socks

valentine-portraitIt was a great fun day. Valentine and I met in the centre of Cologne, at “die Ringe”. We were sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and talking about this and that. This is a situation where I almost forget, why we are here.

away-feet-socks-cropValentine had a casual outfit with light blue jeans, a grey shirt and her old black Vans with white ankle socks. The socks were worn out and dirty, as most of us like it :)
Her toenails were painted with a glittering polish, this fit quite well to the rest of Valentines look Рwatch this 1:1 crop to the left.

We walked around, did many pictures in the public and were laughing a lot, because there were some people who stopped and observed us. Some of them wanted to be photographed with Valentine also, but Рno, not at this time.


This Premium Set contains 108 standard quality pictures plus 15 high quality photos, developed one by one. In addition there is a portrait of Valentine with a blueish tint, just perfect for the cold and hard to get angel.

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