Archive Pack: Malina & Socks


It’s Corona time, baby!

schlumpfine_02The good news at first: Malina will come back with new photos and socks, yay!
The bad news: As she is a nurse at an ICU and is working her ass off in these times, I can’t tell when we will have time for a new shooting. The worldwide Corona pandemia is growing and here in Cologne everything is shut down. At least we are allowed to go outside for now, hopefully this will be also the case in the next days and weeks.
Stay safe and take care of you and your beloved ones, mates <3

But now the fun stuff: When I talked with Malina about her future plans, I was so glad to hear these exciting news. Malina has always been a very good friend of mine. And much more for your concerns, her socks are top notch!

All this put together is one of the reasons, why Malina has always been one of my header girls of fussphantasie.

schlumpfine_04I simply love her portrait with the turquoise shirt and her bare feet. This picture is part of the first sock series “Schlumpfine und die schmatzenden Schuhe”. In English you can translate this with “smacking shoes”.

The title was because Malina took off her ankle socks in public and we walked to an outside Café afterwards – barefoot in her Puma leather sneakers in summer:
*smack* *smack* *smack*
You know what I mean…

The second series of this Archive Pack is called “Chuck Norris doesn’t need Chucks”. I know, a lame joke, but so am I :D
We did this shooting outside in Malina’s garden. She was wearing very old trashed Converse Allstars and her socks left the best days behind. Dirty and sweaty, that’s the kind of socks I want to die for.

In summary you’ll get all 232 pictures in full resolution without any watermark. The best pleasant anticipation for the things to come, enjoy mates!

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