Corona and Fussphantasie


How will Covid-19 affect the future of this site?

A few weeks ago I was asked, how the Corona virus will affect my work. In retrospective I have to admit that I was quite naive. Sure I saw the media and took it very seriously what was happening all over the world. But it felt so far away and kind of strange. No one of us has ever experienced such a situation in his whole life.

DSCN1615But as the pandemia became worse, when all countries closed their borders and ordered local lockdowns and quarantine for its residents, everyone of us felt the drama. Social distance at first, the #stayhome campaign and such things, but also the massive fear of losing jobs and a general angst towards the future. When will we be safe again? When does this end? And how?

I can’t answer this question, I’m no microbiologist. But I have worked in a hospital at an ICU for many years and I have many friends working still there. And the situation is dramatic, that’s for sure.

Everyone of us has to answer some questions to himself regarding the nearest future. In my case I have to look, what can I do and what not. Luckily we can go outside in Cologne/Germany, albeit we are limited to 2 persons who are living together. Every other meeting in public is strictly prohibited.
Cafès, Restaurants and Clubs are closed. No one knows when they will re-open again. Maybe after Easter? In May? During summer? We all have to wait and see.

What I do know for sure is, that I can’t do many things for my websites I would normally do in spring and summer. Some limitations are already existing, some will follow:

  • The socks shop is closed until further notice. The girls can’t go to the gym, are at home doing home-office or are wearing comfy cuddle socks. Patricia is working in a hospital, but I don’t want to risk spreading a virus due to unknown contact from her shoes or whatsoever. As far as we know, the virus can stay alive for some days outside of the body.
  • There will be no “Foreign Socks” videos in the near future. We have to stay 2m away from the people outside so I won’t break the rules at this point. Shooting videos is simply unreasonable at this time. Hopefully this will change in the next few months.
  • No Shoe Store Compilation Vol.5 for cc-feet – the stores are closed, so there’s nothing to catch.
  • And now the saddest part for me: No “Under Feet” video in 2020.
    Yes, Fritz and I have planned a new clip. I don’t want to spoiler the things, but just because no one can predict how the pandemia will develop in the next months, we simply can’t prepare the project. There are too many variables in this game, so we decided yesterday that we put the plans on hold. This is sad but now we can live with the facts.

DSCN1637In general I have much stuff to publish. There will be no hole regarding this, but I can’t do new shootings and clips right now. So yes, fussphantasie and cc-feet will stay alive and provide you with things you haven’t seen yet.

In addition I thought it would be a nice idea if we do some “social sharing” and come together with pictures. I made a simple gallery for all of you, where everyone can upload pictures and everyone can view and download. Share what you like as long as it has to do with feet.
Please do not upload copyrighted stuff from other websites, share your own pictures and screenshots.

I called it “Corona Foot Gallery”, just the right positive thing in these difficult times:

Mates, please stay safe, respect the rules, protect yourself and your loved ones and let us virtually grab each other’s hands. No one is alone, we will get through this all together <3