Corona Coffee


Once upon a time, we didn’t wear a face mask.

corona-coffee-035This is hard to remember, right? For me it feels like this year is passing in such a fast pace, that I almost forgot how it was at the beginning. At the same time it’s like that I didn’t have a proper spring and summer season at all. Difficult to explain.

At least I got a little bit of the normality this summer, when Alex and I met to do a photo shooting outside. A hot sunny day, lockdown was over and people rushed outside into the city centre.

I really like photo sets in public. This is the most normal situation where I’m gathering for feet and there is no studio stage or anything artificial at all. Sure, the people surrounding us are watching and wondering, but this doesn’t affect me. It is fun.

Alex had some turquoise ankle socks at her feet and wore her white Reebok sneakers. The most funny moment in the beginning was a misunderstanding. Alex thought I’d take the socks with me after the shooting to send them to a customer. So the socks were at her feet for the last 3 days. In summer. When she took off her Reeboks I laughed very hard :D You probably know what I mean.

Our place was at an outside café and while talking and drinking coffee, I started shooting along the way. Alex and I don’t need many commands or instructions, we know us for many years and she knows what I want to see.

I went around the table, changed positions, laid on the ground and back to my seat again. This year I changed my camera gear and I like the way the camera works. It was way more fun to shoot and I felt the old times in my heart. This is my passion! Somewhere buried far too long in my body, but it is still there. It was an awesome moment in these hard times, I felt free without sorrows.

Anyway, eventually we finished our coffee and went along the pedestrian area. Alex walked with bare feet and carried her Reeboks in her hand. I chased her walk while lying straight in the middle of all the people. And that’s where the story of this day ends.

A new Premium Photo Set with 142 standard quality pics (3000×2000) plus 12 developed high quality photos (4500×3000) with Alex and her sneakers in the city. A wonderful moment in these sad times.
Stay safe mates and enjoy this series!

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