UF Uni – available again


A story with many up’s and down’s

p5Long time visitors got to know what happened in May 2019. One of our most beautiful clips Under Feet: University was illegally uploaded at P*rnhub. Unfortunately some random student found the clip and posted the link into the University’s mailing group. Triple facepalm.

Immediately my phone lines began to burn and I had to calm down crying girls who found their faces at PH. A place where none of the girls gave their consent to. For a good reason, because I didn’t ask for it.
And to be honest, I didn’t imagine that this worst case scenario would happen at all.┬áBut yeah, I’m still learning.

p9To protect the girls and prevent further damage, I took down the clip from this site. Fritz and I decided after many discussions that we won’t do another Under Feet project again, if such horrible things are the result. We simply can’t ask innocent girls to do harmless and fun stuff in public, if we cannot guarantee that the clips won’t be leaked at porn sites.

In the meantime I had many different ideas how to get rid of this mess. I calculated the risks, the costs and the efforts. Finally I found two solutions for this problem which proved to be successful, so we planned a new gorgeous UF for 2020.

Then came Corona :( But that’s another story.

I was never happy that one of our best videos had to be taken down, because this project is a statement! We aren’t weirdos, we respect the girls, we don’t do any porn stuff at all, we simply have fun and show it to the public. And the girls who participate have fun too. If someone doesn’t feel ok with it, this is ok for us. “No” means “no” and this is a first rule.

Some of the girls wanted to be cut out of the video and that’s what I did. I made a new version of UF University and I am proud to be able to re-publish it for you.

Get the clip here at the video site.