Awesome ASMR


Listen to the most immersive and satisfying foot noises you can imagine

I am not only fascinated by feet or socks in general, but often I love the sounds they make. For example sweaty feet on a gym floor, when they lift up and generate this smacking sound. This gives me chills all over my neck.

For years the buzzword “ASMR” (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is trending at Youtube, but most of those people simply whisper into a microphone in front of a camera and that’s it.

Real ASMR should be generated with true binaural microphones which transfer an illusion as if you immediately feel you were in that situation. But what do you do if you don’t want to buy such an expensive mike? Build one by yourself!

x_aa031In general the secret is to build a head with ears that imitate a real head and its special anatomy. The auricles have an important role to generate the frequencies in the true three-dimensional surrounding when you put up headphones.

x_aa01I searched for a silicone head with distinct ears and found a pretty hilarious Halloween mask, but this seemed suitable for this project. I stuffed it, put high quality lavalier microphones in it and started some tests. And I was impressed! So I arranged a meeting with Valentine to do this special ASMR clip. Naturally it is also a crushing clip, because many parts have to do with crushing objects.

In addition to my lovely Halloween head, I put another 4 microphones on a free hanging arm, just to be sure and safe, to get the best sounding quality for each set. It turned out that this decision was golden, as some scenes worked better with the binaural mike and some with the two 90° angled shotgun microphones.

We tried to cover a wide range of noises. Valentine was on socks, barefoot, in Vans, High Heels and Flip-Flops. She crushed noodles, pretzel sticks, gummy bears, styrofoam chips and – my favorites – she smacked and smeared with pink crunchy slime, glibbery green toy frog slime and peeled tomatoes.

I was astounded and overwhelmed when I started cutting the clip. I knew it would be good, but in the end I couldn’t close my mouth because of joy and excitement. Especially the slime scenes, wow :D

We filmed with 4 cameras, although the main perspective is from the front. The real challenge for me was to be quiet at all, no breathing noises, no noise from camera movements and such. I had a special super quiet dolly on wheels which worked out pretty well.

Enjoy the 27 minutes of Valentine’s feet and her fantastic skilled and concentrated work. And please follow my advice: Definitely wear headphones to get the real feeling!

download the video